The Longevity Bulletin provides a combination of research-based articles and thought pieces that focus on some of the biggest challenges facing society and policy makers in the context of longevity, ageing and population change.

Each issue of the Longevity Bulletin presents and explains actuarial perspectives on themes emerging from, or impacting, population longevity, as well as looking beyond the actuarial world for statistics, research and the latest thinking on related subjects. In doing so, it aims to provide general and technical perspectives to best address relevant longevity topics, as well as serving to provoke thought and further discussion.

Issue 13: The coronavirus issue

2020 saw the emergence of a global pandemic as coronavirus swept across the world and countries took action to contain the virus. Despite the encouraging news of potential vaccines, the situation is still ongoing and we are still in the midst of the crisis. As we approach the end of 2020, Issue 13 of the Longevity Bulletin looks at the ongoing pandemic and its ramifications from a number of different perspectives:

  • The pandemic’s second wave – what is likely to happen, and how can we best contain the second wave?
  • Winter mortality – how might winter exacerbate the coronavirus pandemic?
  • ‘Long Covid’ – what are the longer-term effects of the disease on survivors?
  • The mortality cost of reduced (non-Covid) healthcare
  • Mortality impacts of the post-pandemic recession
  • Socioeconomic differentials in Covid-19 mortality
  • Longer-term mortality impacts – should we even use the phrase ‘future mortality improvements’?

Also included in this issue is news from the Continuing Mortality Investigation (CMI) on its pandemic-related activity, and the profession’s recently formed ICAT – the IFoA COVID-19 Action Taskforce.

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