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Longevity Bulletin: Modelling edition (Issue 7)

This Longevity Bulletin discusses some potential drivers of longevity trends and considers aspects of longevity modelling.

The last century has seen significant improvements in mortality rates and the continuing increase in life expectancy have brought to the fore the critical importance of longevity modelling. It is not surprising that the understanding of longevity risk and factors affecting future longevity, such as lifestyle, medical advances, and health care policy, are now attracting more attention.

What you find in this issue

Longevity Bulletin November 2015 EditionModelling edition, November 2015

This Longevity Bulletin includes a selection of seven articles written by experts to reflect the current thinking on crucial subjects of longevity trends and modelling. This issue explores some of the reasons why we are living longer, identifies causes of ageing, but also looks at the possibility of drugs being designed to treat ageing. In addition, two broad families of models (extrapolative and causal models) are discussed in this bulletin to help actuaries analysing future changes in mortality rates.






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