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Longevity Bulletin: Pandemic edition (Issue 6)

This Longevity Bulletin discusses pandemic risks from various angles including risk modelling, epidemiology, health policy and technology.

With the ongoing outbreak of Ebola, as well as the MERS coronavirus and H7N9 avian flu outbreak, the risk of emerging infectious disease and its potential to cause the next pandemic is now a regular feature in the news. With these outbreaks and increasing global travel, the risk of pandemic cannot be ignored.

What you find in this issue

Longevity Bulletin: Pandemic edition July 2015

Pandemic edition, July 2015

This issue includes a selection of four articles written by experts in different disciplines to reflect current thinking on various aspects of the modelling, nature and mitigation of pandemic risk. For illustration, we have also included case studies on Spanish flu, HIV/AIDS, and Ebola virus to demonstrate the complexity of infectious diseases as they differ in origin, mode of transmission and impact on human population.





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