For the first time, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries has joined forces with the Society of Actuaries in the US and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries on its latest Longevity Bulletin, 'Longevity: Is the tide turning?' This bulletin takes an international approach to explore potential reasons for the slowdown in life expectancy.

Over the last century, life expectancy has increased significantly around the world. However, in recent years, the rate of this improvement appears to have slowed in some countries. The reasons behind this change are still being debated, with new causes potentially emerging, such as the impact of antimicrobial resistance.

This bulletin shows that it’s crucial the drivers of longevity are better understood in order to improve future longevity forecasts. We are now at a key decision point on how to treat these forecasts. The bulletin also examines the relationship between health spending and life expectancy, and provides an overview of the Continuous Mortality Investigation’s updated projection model.

Download the Longevity Bulletin, 'Longevity: Is the tide turning?'

Longevity Bulletin Is the tide turning?

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