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Autumn Lecture 2019: Live Streaming

Monday 2 December 2019 18:00 - 19:30

Please note that the live broadcasting of this evenings Autumn Lecture will begin at 18.10

We are delighted to announce that Dr Kay Swinburne will deliver this year’s lecture.

Kay served as Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s influential Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, playing a pivotal role in shaping EU and global financial services legislation, including setting up the EU supervisory bodies (ESAs, SSM, SRM), capital markets union (EMIR, MiFID II, Prospectus, CCP Recovery & Resolution), and the broader banking union files. Prior to her career as an MEP, Kay worked in investment banking.

She brings a unique insight to policy 'behind the scenes' and the reality of Brexit in the lead up to 31st October 2019.



VISIT THE TEST SERVER – Broadcasting from 18th November 2019

Please do this on the device and the network connection you intend to view the live video stream of the broadcast. We strongly recommend you complete the tests in advance of the event as there won't be any technical support available on broadcast day itself. Any issues will need to be resolved beforehand. 
We don’t recommend viewing the live video over a VPN/Thin Client (e.g. Citrix) network. Use a direct network connection instead.

You should see a blue IFoA branded title slide. When you click the video interface, the broadcast should change to a playing video or a vertical colour test bar. 
If the above appears correctly and you can hear sound then you have the right network and firewall settings to watch the live broadcast. 

If you see a whirring circle and/or get an error message, move into the FAQs at the end of this document to help diagnose what the problem may be. It is most likely a firewall issue. 
If you do experience slow playback and buffering when playing videos at work, you may like to view the live broadcast from a home PC or a mobile 4G connection, as these often deliver more network bandwidth than corporate networks. 

To watch the broadcast on the night, go to:-  

The live broadcast will start at 18:00 BST. Please provide your email address when prompted so we can see who has watched and for follow up/feedback after the event.
Participating in the broadcast – Twitter

You can ask a question or make a comment at any time during the event through Twitter. 
Below the live video you will see a link to Twitter. Please ensure you aren’t watching the video in ‘Full Screen’ mode, otherwise you won’t be able to see this! 

Or you can use the Twitter app on your phone or tablet device and use the #IFoALecture hashtag to post your question or comment to the Chair.

Event organiser

Contact Niki Park for more information.

020 7632 2152

Live streaming will begin at 18.00.




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