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CILA Webinar - 2020 Mortality Developments Across the Profession

Thursday 16 July 2020 09:00 - 10:00

Current Issues in Life Assurance

Mortality in 2020 is now dominated by one thing, although – in our future-focused world – the pandemic is just one of many mortality considerations.  In this session, three well-regarded mortality/longevity specialists provide an overview of:

  • The mortality impacts and implications of COVID-19 – what we know, what we can infer, what we should be worried about;
  • Recent and imminent CMI developments, including how the pandemic is affecting our thinking on the projections model and future investigations;
  • More ‘future-focused’ work underway in the MRSC, looking at causal improvement models and risk taxonomy in particular as well as how research priorities have been affected by COVID-19. 

The webinar will be 60 minutes to alow time for Q&A.

Speakers: Matthew Edwards is Chair of the CMI and co-leads the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group; Steve Bale is a member of the Mortality Projections Committee and is coordinating the CMI’s COVID-19 response; Sacha Dhamani is Chair of the MRSC.





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