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Extreme Mortality Webinar - Why R0 is the Most Dangerous Number to Use?

Wednesday 24 June 2020 17:00 - 18:00

This is the third webinar in the Extreme Mortality Events series presented by Chair of the Life Board of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Colin Dutkiewicz.

This discussion will have a look at the much talked about R0 number.  It will dissect why this average number is so poorly understood, and why it is a bad indicator of the pandemic progression.  In particular it will discuss how serious errors in decision making can be made by relying on this number.

If you missed the first two webinars in this series, they are available to purchase and watch on the IFoA's Online Learning Resource.


Colin Dutkiewicz

Colin Dutkiewicz leads Aon’s global life reinsurance team from London. He has 30 years’ experience through the full life insurance value chain. He has been a personal financial advisor, consulted on distribution management, worked in direct office product development and pricing, managed reinsurance underwriting, pricing, client management functions and held a role as a global corporate actuary for a major reinsurer. 

This experience allows him to have significant insight into the issues of insurers and reinsurers alike. Most relevantly, he has conducted reviews for multinational companies across the globe, including a portfolio of over $1.5bn of pandemic insurance.

Colin is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and is the Chair of the Life Board of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. He is also co-chairing the IFoA’s C19 Action Group. He has an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Barry Childs, Insight

James Robinson, Aon

Event organiser

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0207 632 1498

This webinar will take place from 17.00-18.00 with time at the end for Q&A.




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