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Why Certified Actuarial Analysts add value to employers, including both insurers and consultancies

Tuesday 6 October 2020 09:30 - 10:30

The Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification has rapidly established itself as adding real value, to insurers and consultancies, and to the clients of consultancies, around the World. CAAs work alongside actuaries and actuarial students, as well as other financial services professionals, in an increasingly broad range of roles and fields. In this free webinar, co-hosted by CAA Global and UK consultancy, APR LLP Actuarial solutions, supported by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and  Society of Actuaries, we provide real life insight into the diverse roles CAAs can perform in different sectors. We explore the value they can offer if integrated as part of your strategic business model. 

Speakers will be representatives of CAA Global and APR

This webinar will be streamed from 09.30-10.30. 




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