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Will the Future Blame Us? Bringing Future Generations into Today’s Politics

Thursday 19 April 2018 17:00 - 20:00

Following on from the IFoA’s thought leadership series on intergenerational fairness, this event hosted jointly with the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development will examine the potential legislative levers for encouraging the explicit consideration of intergenerational issues in policymaking, including consideration of those not yet born.

This interactive event will bring together experts from the policymaking community with academics and those from the actuarial profession and elsewhere in financial services to discuss the how the core elements of the actuarial skillset can be applied to public policy.

The subject of intergenerational fairness has been steadily creeping up the political agenda in recent years, becoming a key battleground in the 2017 General Election. Parties across the political spectrum have pledged to repair the social contract between current generations, and invest for the benefit of future generations. But short-termism remains rife in politics. The many competing demands of modern society and economics mean that politicians are understandably consumed by the immediate needs and 5-year electoral cycles often mean that issues of sustainability are overlooked.

But what if there was some way to entrench sustainability into policymaking? How could we bring more long-term thinking into policymaking to manage risks and uncertainties that transcend generations? What would this mean for democracy today?

There are also lessons to be learnt from overseas, and examples from closer to home, where jurisdictions have created institutions to explicitly promote the long-term interests of future generations in the form of commissioners and ombudsman for future generations.

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17.00-17.30 Registration
17.30-19.15 Programme
19.15-20.00 Networking
20.00 Event close

Confirmed contributors include:

Jakob von Uexkull, Founder, World Future Council

Clare Moriarty, Permanent Secretary, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Joerg Tremmel, Editor-in-Chief of the Intergenerational Justice Review




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