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Affiliate membership

IFoA Affiliate membership is for professionals who share an affinity with the actuarial profession, or who work alongside actuaries, and offers access to industry research reports, networking opportunities and online learning on the domains, analytics methodologies and the soft skills which are the core of the actuarial profession.

It is a membership category for those not in paid work as an actuary or which relies upon their actuarial training and experience, or on their membership of the IFoA.

Affiliate membership makes you part of a global community of professionals and provides the opportunity to reach across disciplinary boundaries, to benefit from and to contribute to a member-led programme of outputs, and to associate yourself with an organisation and a profession with a long-established record of credibility.

Being an IFoA Affiliate has allowed me to get involved with work at the cutting edge of where data science intersects with the actuarial profession. It enables me to hone my skills, meet data professionals and demonstrates my commitment to the standards of UK professional practice. It is realising the potential of crossing disciplinary boundaries, for my career and for my industry, and has created real commercial opportunities for me.

Asif John, ARGenesis data scientist and chair of the IFoA’s data science working party 

IFoA Affiliate Membership benefits

Affiliate members gain a range of great benefits:

  • receive news and information about our events and activities
  • contribute to our meetings, conferences and research projects
  • digital access all our publications, including The Actuary magazine
  • full access to the members’ area of our website, including our Buddy System
  • your name listed as a non-actuarial Affiliate in our online directories

Affiliate Membership costs just £100 for the year and the subscription year runs to 1 October. For the 2020/2021 subscription year, the subscription will be applied on a pro-rata basis.

Become an Affiliate Member of the IFoA

To join, please complete the form below. You will be asked to commit to adhering to the regulatory framework of the IFoA, including the Actuaries’ Code. By application you will be deemed to have declared that you are not practising as an actuary. Please see our terms and conditions.

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If you have any questions about affiliate membership please contact or telephone:

We aim to respond to all initial enquiries within two working days.

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