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Are you nearly ready to qualify? Have you completed your work-based skills?

If you are waiting for your final exam results you need to start preparing your work-based skills documents for their final sign-off

To help prevent any delays in qualifying you need to make sure that the documents you submit to us have been completed correctly.

We find some regular issues with students’ learning logs, so please take a moment to ensure that you avoid these.  We can then finalise your qualification as quickly as possible for you.

You need to make sure that

  • You have a current completion date on your work-based skills learning logs, and on the final sign-off form.  It needs to be a maximum of 60 days before you send the documents to us.
  • Your learning logs cover the minimum of 3 years of work-based skills (for Fellowship) or 1 year (for Associateship).
  • You tell us about any gaps, such as maternity leave or a career break - tell us on your final sign-off form, or in a covering note, so that the logs cover the full time period from when you started to complete them.
  • Your logs each cover 6 - 12 months of your development. No log should cover any more than a 12 month period.
  • Your logs have all been signed and dated by your supervisor. Your answers to the review questions also need to be initialled by your supervisor.
  • Your answers to the review questions are labelled correctly with the related dimension letter and number, and that these are also listed on your final sign-off form.
  • You complete your payment details on the final sign-off form, and if you are paying by bank transfer make sure that you include the remittance advice as proof of payment

To be recorded as a 2017 qualifier you will need to:

Send in your complete work-based skills documents by Friday 19 January 2018
Resolve any queries with your submission by Monday 12 February 2018
Sign and return a transfer form by Friday 23 February 2018

We look forward to receiving your correctly completed documents and welcoming you as a qualified actuary.

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