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Brian Hey Prize 2021: Winner announced

The Brian Hey Prize has a great history in helping to highlight research that is practical and helpful for members of the IFoA General Insurance practice area. 

The GI Research and Thought Leadership Committee (GIRTL) is delighted to announce that the authors of the 2021 Brian Hey prize winning paper are Ronald Richman and Mario Wüthrich with their paper “LocalGLMnet: interpretable deep learning for tabular data”. The decision of the GIRTL committee was summarised as follows:

“Theoretically a very strong paper and it has the potential to make a big difference to the way pricing is done especially for personal lines insurance and the profession would benefit from a further discussion on this to improve its applicability to solve real world problems”

The authors are presenting their paper at an IFoA webinar on Wednesday 15 December.

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