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Common reasons why people become actuaries

In this blog, Chloe Hung, Amazon best-selling author, describes some of the common reasons why people become actuaries.

With a career as an actuary continuing to remain popular, here are some reasons why students want to work in this field.

1) Passionate about maths

As actuarial science is a numbers-oriented field, all aspiring actuaries should be interested in numbers. This is usually the main reason why students want to become an actuary. As an actuarial student, you’ll be joining other individuals who are passionate about maths.

2) Money

Many people are attracted to this career because of the salary. It’s a profession that truly rewards you for your hard work and effort.

3) Top-rated profession

Actuarial science is consistently voted one of the best careers to pursue. This isn’t surprising as it’s very rewarding. Most actuaries really enjoy their work and are proud of what they do. It’s an all-rounded profession as it offers good employment prospects, job security, growth opportunity and salary benefits.

4) Enjoy a challenge

Besides being a top-ranked profession, actuarial science is often voted one of the hardest fields to study. Actuarial work is challenging because it requires a huge range of skills. It’s definitely a profession if you crave a good challenge.

5) Well-respected career

Actuaries are well respected by those who know about this profession. Most people view actuaries as clever, professional and extremely good at numbers. Some may agree that actuaries can also be regarded as number scientists. If you become a qualified actuary, you’re guaranteed to be an invaluable asset to your company.