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Diversity of experience: benefiting from role models

DiversityMembers of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) can be inspired and gain so much from each other: mutual support, powerful collaborations, and new and even disruptive thinking; diversity of thought, if you will.

The IFoA wants to celebrate the role models we have within. We all face challenges in our careers, whether that’s stretching ourselves to take on a new skill, returning to work after a career break, looking to move into wider fields, moving to a new country or perhaps feeling disconnected and wanting to find a way to network and grow.

Reading about others, can help motivate us and strive to uncover our true potentials.

Actuaries at all stages in their careers have shared their thoughts and experiences to help and inspire others.

Here are some ways in which you can learn from them:

Volunteers' experiences

Members who volunteer for the IFoA have told us, in their own words, what volunteering has meant for them and what they got out of it. Read their inspiring stories in our Volunteers' Experiences Pack:

“…don’t be afraid to try something a bit different from your day job - it’s amazing how much you can learn and what a confidence boost it can be.” Natalie Greene, IFoA Member

“Volunteering is a gateway to greater exposure to global developments in our profession beyond the daily work.” Tze Leong Chan, IFoA Member

“At times like this I realise what an asset it is to belong to a profession. Particularly a profession like ours which values volunteering and gives so much support to those who wish to get involved.” Carole Ryden, IFoA Member

The IFoA’s Buddy System

The introduction of the “IFoA Buddy System” in 2018 provides IFoA members with access to experienced, qualified IFoA members who are willing to share their thoughts, experiences and skills with other members around the globe:

“The Buddy System is an excellent way to have an impartial, informed chat with an experienced actuary about any issues you may face as you make your way through your career.” Tim Jordan, IFoA Member

The Actuary magazine – “Routes to the Top”

This trilogy of articles, written by Fellow Bradley Shearer, and appearing in The Actuary during the summer of 2018, profiles 12 senior executives / managing directors and their career journeys, and shares their practical professional advice.

1. July 2018:

2. August 2018:

3. September 2018:

Leadership Insights and Wider Fields

Watch and listen to the Leadership Insights, where you will find short interviews with those from the C-suite in the UK and South East Asia. (login to access these videos):

Find out more about actuaries working in wider fields - what they are doing, and how they came to be in their roles – view their case studies.

Chika Aghadiuno is Chair of the IFoA Diversity Advisory Group (DAG). In her day job she is Group Risk Strategy & Analysis Director at Aviva. Chika says:

 “The value of role models cannot be understated. Whether we realise it or not, we all cast a shadow and therefore we are all role models - uncomfortable as it can be sometimes.”

The DAG hope members find the examples which have been highlighted in this article to be beneficial. The DAG also hope members take courage from seeing what others have done, and achieved.

The IFoA and DAG wish to do more to promote role models and to inspire as many of our members as possible. Please do visit the DAG webpage to find out about the Member Interest Group (MIG) and the Actuarial Mentoring Programme (AMP). We are working hard to achieve greater focus on disability, age, mental health, LGBT and religion, as well as diversity of experience. We would love to hear your views. Please join our conversation.

“I encourage all members of the IFoA, to support each other, learn from each other, and be willing to lean in and join the conversation. By doing so, this will ensure we have a more inclusive and diverse membership organisation, and one which benefits all and is fit for the future.”
Chika Aghadiuno, Chair of DAG.

The Diversity Advisory Group

Working on behalf of the IFoA for a more diverse and inclusive actuarial community.

Do you follow the DAG on LinkedIn? If not, please do!

You can also connect with the DAG chair, Chika Aghadiuno, on LinkedIn and help us to shift the dial and in doing so raise our visibility.