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GI Outstanding Achievement Award Winner 2019

Michael TrippCongratulations to Michael Tripp who won the GI Outstanding Achievement Award, an award given for their contribution to the Profession.

Michael isĀ  currently a member of IFOA council, former Chair of GI Board, former Chair of MAID workstream and instrumental to establishment and successful execution of MAID, key sponsor of GI research reform/restructure, member of various working parties over period of time.

Michael is one of the few actuaries who have made it to CEO level, leading Ecclesiastical insurance for a number of years. In his current position, Michael has gone on to head up Mazars' Financial Services division. In his roles both within the IFOA and at Mazars, he has demonstrated widespread influence by making a positive impact on GI research, strategy and the operation of our profession by drawing upon his vast network and knowledge. Michael has continuously demonstrated his commitment to the actuarial community never flinching from requests to help or volunteer whenever he can. This is particularly demonstrated by the passion and commitment he has for data science and it's importance to general insurance actuaries.

Michael is a hugely positive character who always tries to see the good in the profession and its people. He is never cynical nor downbeat in seemingly any circumstance. This provides a great deal of inspiration to those who have worked with him.