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Impactability modelling for Population Health Management

Population Health Management aims to achieve the best mix of health outcomes across the diverse members of a population, given the mix of services available in the health and care system.  

In 2019, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) identified PHM as a key component of its Long Term Plan.  The actuarial profession is well-placed to support the demographic, risk modelling and analytical capability required to successfully embed PHM, whilst being highly focused on the public interest and ethical issues that can arise from such techniques.

Now in June 2020, in the midst of a global health pandemic, PHM approaches are more important than ever as health systems across the world deal with Covid-19, both the disease itself and also the many consequences of the societal changes that are taking place in response.

The working party is exploring a range of facets around PHM where actuarial thinking can add value and this first report looks at impactability modelling, a key pillar of successful PHM implementation.  Impactability modelling covers a range of approaches that leverage data analysis and the application of statistical techniques to support PHM aims.  The report focuses on developing a common technical and practical understanding of the topic, including:

•     Defining impactability and impactability modelling

•     Practical challenges and considerations

•     Potential approaches and models

•     Ethics, patients and the Public

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