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Five key issues that will be discussed at the Life Conference

Life Conference 2018: 21-23 November, Liverpool

The Life Conference 2018 is the premier event for Life Insurance actuaries in the UK.  The programme this year includes nearly 80 sessions with a focus on developing and enhancing technical knowledge and sharing innovations.  

The conference also provides the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with a wide range of professionals.  

Workshops include Solvency II, IFRS 17, With-Profits, Dynamic Volatility Adjustment, Model Risk, Reinsurance under IFRS 17, Taxation, Mortality trends, Equity Release Mortgages, Proxy Modelling, Investment, Climate Change, Deferred Annuities, pensions freedoms, funding long term care, Genetics and critical illness product trends.

Here are five key topics that will be discussed:

Plenary: How serious are the pressures on social care?

What is needed to create a sustainable funding system for adult social care that fosters good quality care and the ability to live independently for longer, and how can actuaries support this process?  An expert panel discussion led by Jules Constantinou, IFoA President, with Jane Vass, Age UK, Dominic Carter, Alzheimer's Society and George McNamara, Independent Age.

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IFRS 17 - Only two years to go, where are we and what are the key issues for the UK market?

The Financial Reporting Group (FRG) will consider where the UK insurance market is in the process of implementation IFRS 17, and what challenges still exist, including the status of the European endorsement process and the findings from the 2018 European-wide testing.

Advanced Big Data Analytics for Mortality

In this session, the speakers will highlight, using large scale case studies, the competitive advantage to be gained from appropriate use of big data analytics.  We will cover a broad range of advanced analytical techniques (e.g. neural networks, GLMs, GBMs) and the appropriate criteria for choosing between them.

Medical Miracles and the impact on Critical Illness trends

A review of recent critical illness trends in the UK and internationally, and a discussion of how new techniques such as liquid biopsies, immunotherapy, genetic testing and gene treatment might impact CI products in the future.

The trials and tribulations of Matching Adjustment

Using real life case studies, we will examine the key challenges firms are encountering when running their MA portfolios, such as adding new types of liabilities to existing MA portfolios (for example from pension scheme de-risking) or dealing with distressed debt, and propose practical ways for firms to deal with some of these challenges.