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Life cover for people living with HIV

At a workshop at the Actuarial Profession’s life conference taking place from 7-9 November 2010 in Birmingham, actuaries from Hannover Life Re (UK) explained that medical advances mean that life cover is being offered to people who are HIV+ in the UK and who meet certain criteria.

Successful advances in new treatments have changed the survival curve of HIV positive people.  Recent studies show that a group of HIV+ lives who respond well to the latest HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) are now considered an insurable risk.

HLR UK confirmed that following a review and analyses of medical research they have built a model that allows for affordable terms to be offered to HIV positive lives.

HLR UK say terms are available to HIV+ people who;

  • Show good response to HAART after 24 weeks that is continuing
  • No significant co morbidities for example Hepatitis C
  • History of good compliance

Life insurance is being offered for up to 10 years duration with a maximum sum assured of £250,000 with flat loadings from £3 to £10 per thousand of sum insured.

Terms have been offered to both men and women equally across a wide range of ages and occupations.

HLR UK estimates that at least 20% of people who started HAART treatment in the last five years can be covered now. ** Looking to the future, HLR UK say that keeping up to date on HIV developments, statistics and changes in treatment regimes is vital.

Julie Hopkins, head of underwriting and claims strategy, Hannover Life Re (UK) said ‘‘Not everyone who is HIV positive will qualify for cover today but HLR UK is an inclusive and forward thinking reassurer  and we are committed to an ongoing process of review looking to extend cover to individuals wherever possible.  Over time the number of people that meet the qualifying criteria will increase and we will continue to look at ways of broadening the coverage of terms.’’

** Source Hannover Life Re(UK)Limited


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