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The science of epidemic handling and response has long been an area of actuarial expertise. 

With an increasingly connected and complex world a pandemic can impact our health, wellbeing, and livelihood from many different perspectives and in ways that can be difficult to predict.  The multi-faceted influence of Covid-19 reflects the extent to which the work of actuaries and the industries that we work in are also impacted; this is an extreme event that actuaries from all Practice Areas may need to consider carefully in their work – from the obvious healthcare aspect to the wider economic fallout through falling asset values and challenging investment markets, to the non-life insurance industry facing claims for business interruption, travel disruption and legal liability challenges, to risk management practitioners trying to bring it all together.

As the global response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) gathers pace, our IFoA Pandemics Hub aims to provide the actuarial perspective on epidemic mitigation and control. Gathering together the most relevant research, articles, and insight on the subject from recognised experts; this resource is designed to ensure our members are fully appraised as to the actuarial approach. 

"At times like this, the IFoA has a significant role to play in both supporting our members and responding to the wider societal challenges. The IFoA COVID-19 Action Task Force aims to provide a range of outputs to support our members across all practice areas. We also seek to provide actuarial insight that could help and inform our members and others and contribute towards managing the impacts of this crisis."

Dr Louise Pryor

Incoming IFoA President-elect

Please see the IFoA’s Coronavirus Policy for our latest operational response to the current COVID-19 epidemic.

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Find out more about how the profession is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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