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About Risk Management

Risk Management involves considering the risks of the enterprise as a whole, rather than considering individual risks in isolation

As experts in risk, actuaries are natural leaders in Risk Management.  The business world, along with the public sector, faces multiple challenges and greater uncertainty in the current hostile economic environment - it needs to manage its risks better to succeed and to serve all stakeholders well.  Actuaries can develop influential roles in wider risk management by building on core skills in our traditional areas, such as insurance. The profession can expand its horizon of activity to meet the needs of the wider business world as well as the demand of the profession’s growing global membership for stimulating and well rewarded jobs.

Governance and how you can connect with the Risk Management Board

The Risk Management Board - is a member-led Board of senior volunteer actuaries who act as a source of expertise within the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) on matters relating to the risk management practice area, and promotes, supports and champions the interests of members working in risk management within the traditional fields of life and general insurance as well as members using risk management techniques in wider fields such as commodities or banking.

The Board's objectives for 2018-2019 focus around two key areas:-

- identifying our risk community (our customers) and engaging with them
- taking up opportunities to get involved with the IFoA’s Corporate Boards to influence strategy

- ensuring the delivery of high quality CPD and research outputs
- improving the visibility and awareness of ‘past’ high quality research deliverables
- continuing to find opportunities to illustrate where the analytical skills actuaries have would add value and support the move beyond insurance

The Risk Management Board wants to connect, engage and understand the needs of its risk community - email to find out more.

      The Risk Management Board is supported by three subcommittees:

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