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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) podcasts

Listen to the IFoA’s Sustainability podcast series here. In this series we explore the Sustainable Development Goals and the role that actuaries can play in achieving the 2030 agenda.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They were set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. 

The aim of the podcast series is to highlight the relevance of the SDG’s to actuarial work, demonstrate where actuaries can contribute to achieving the SDG’s and showcase real life examples of people centring their work on the SDG’s across a range of actuarial practice areas.

Episode 1 - How can actuaries contribute to achieving the SDG's?

In this episode, Sustainability board member, Lucy Saye speaks to Dr Beate Degen and Past President Marjorie Ngwenya to discuss how the SDG’s interact with actuarial practice and the roles actuaries can play in achieving the SDG’s.

Intro & Production: Lucy Saye

Host: Lucy Saye

Guests: Marjorie Ngwenya & Beate Degen

Episode 2 - Biodiversity

In this episode, Chair of the Sustainability Board Nick Spencer speaks to Aled Jones (Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin) and Gillian Rutherford (Swiss Re) to discuss the impact of biodiversity on the insurance and finance industries.

Introduction: Melissa Leitner

Host:  Nick Spencer

Guests: Gillian Rutherford & Aled Jones

Episode 3 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

In this episode, Sustainability Board member Lucy Saye speaks to Lisa Morgan from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) about SDG 8 decent work and economic growth and her work in the impact insurance team at the ILO.

Intro, Production & Host: Lucy Saye

Guest: Lisa Morgan

For more information about topics discussed in this episode please see the links below:

Episode 4 - Mental Health

In this episode, Melissa Leitner (Swiss Re, and Sustainability board volunteer) speaks to Sumit Misra (Bupa) and Kenneth McIvor (Willis Towers Watson) about how mental health is reflected in the SDGs, what the insurance industry is doing to better support people with mental health challenges, and the IFoA working party advancing this important work.

Intro & Production: Melissa Leitner

Host: Melissa Leitner

Guests: Sumit Misra & Kenneth McIvor

Episode 5 - Universal Ownership

In this episode Sustainability board member Lucy Saye speaks to Dr Ellen Quigley from the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University on the topic of Universal Ownership. We explore the relevance of Universal Ownership to actuarial practice and the achievement of the SDG’s, covering topics such as climate change, inequality, the Covid 19 pandemic and actions Universal Owners such as pension funds and Life insurers can take to mitigate systemic risks.

More information about Universal Ownership can be found in the following papers: 

Episode 6 - Disaster Protection

This episode focuses on Disaster Protection with Daniel Clarke from the Centre for Disaster Protection (CDP). Shyam Gharial explores how Daniel’s work is linked to many of the SDGs, including climate change, inequality, decent work, partnership for goals, and how an actuarial skillset can be utilised in this area of work.

Daniel’s work aims to improve efficiencies in disaster risk financing. The CDP’s role in the Crisis Lookout Coalition is highlighted in their call for G7 leaders to better predict and prepare for crises, as well as to better protect people.This is a hugely topical theme given the Covid-19 pandemic and climate crisis.



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    13 October 2021 - 8 December 2021

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    This practical course is aimed at actuaries at any stage of their career who want to develop their own growth mindset and apply it to their work setting and personal or professional lifelong learning. The content of the course builds on the lecture given by Dr Helen Wright on Growth Mindset as part of the President’s 2021 Lecture series, and will be delivered over a period of 2 months, from mid-October to early December.

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    In this webinar, we will discuss how cause-of-death data from the Office for National Statistics can help us to understand how inequalities arise at the all-cause level. The key to understanding mortality inequality is to think about the chain that connects risk factors, relative risks, and cause-of-death mortality through to all-cause mortality.

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    The importance of biodiversity for finance, business and policy is being increasingly recognised. While many studies highlight the overall economic impact that biodiversity loss could have, it is much more difficult to quantify and understand the particular impact that is may have on individual businesses or communities. The management and measurement of these risks is a field where actuaries are well placed to contribute.

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    The climate crisis and the degradation of our planet will affect societies everywhere. How we address these threats will require solutions that transcend borders. As a global profession, the actuarial community is well-placed to consider and propose effective risk management solutions to help manage the climate crisis.

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    Join leading experts to discuss key issues, emerging ideas and new research across the general insurance sector.

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    Content will be aimed at all actuaries looking to understand the issues surrounding mental health in insurance and in particular those looking to ensure products and processes widen access for, and are most useful to, those experiencing periods of poor mental health.