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Mitigating circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are unseen situations or events beyond a student's control which may adversely affect their ability to perform well in an exam

If you are experiencing disruption to your revision before your exam you should think carefully as to whether or not you should attempt it. By attending an exam you are confirming that you are in a position to do so.

If you are unsure of what might be considered mitigating circumstances please contact the Education Services team.

If you have an ongoing condition you may wish to consider applying for access arrangements instead.

How can I apply?

If your application shows that your exam performance was impacted by events involving unforeseen circumstances or illness, further consideration may be given to the final result you have achieved.

You will need to send a Mitigating Circumstances application form to Education Services within 15 working days of the exam date, together with your supporting documents.

All applications will need to meet the criteria set out in the Mitigating Circumstances Policy. This Policy outlines what can be considered reasonable grounds for applying, for example illness of a serious nature; and what is considered sufficient supporting documentation, such as a letter from your doctor.

If you are unable to obtain supporting documentation before the mitigating circumstances application deadline, please inform the Education Services team.

You should read the Policy carefully before applying, and should realistically consider the impact of the situation you are asking to be considered. The IFoA reserves the right to reject applications if they do not meet the criteria set out in the Policy.

What happens if my application is accepted?

Appropriate consideration will be given to candidates facing difficult circumstances during their exam sitting and a successful application may result in a small adjustment to the overall mark awarded. However, please be aware that this may still not result in a pass mark overall.

You can read more about how applications are reviewed in the Policy itself.

Download the Mitigating Circumstances Policy

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