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Other Professional bodies (Route C)

If you have completed a qualification with a professional body that the IFoA has an agreement with, you may be eligible for exemptions from some of our examinations.

You can find a summary of professional body qualifications and IFoA examination exemptions that you may be eligible to apply for at the bottom of this page.

If you are not sure which IFoA examination exemptions your qualification makes you eligible to apply for, you can search for your qualification using our Find my exemptions search tool.

You can find the Find my Exemption search tool by logging in to the IFoA website and clicking on My Account. In the My Account area, select My Exams and then Exam Exemptions, where you will find the Find my Exemptions search tool.

If you are applying for IFoA examination exemptions on the basis of a qualification you achieved before 2016 or If you have passed exams with the CFA before 31st December 2018 please contact to request an application form. For students holding qualifications after 1st January 2016, details on how to apply are below. 

If you are using a qualification that was awarded after 1st January 2019, you can apply for an exemption as long as the awarding date of your qualification is not greater than 5 years from the date you are applying. 

Before you apply

If you know which IFoA examination exemptions you would like to apply for, you can apply for these exemptions using the Apply for Exemptions tool in the My Account area of our website.

As part of the online application process you will be asked to upload the following documents listed below:

  • A certified copy of official proof of the qualification which you sat and passed with another professional body

The person certifying the document must include the following details:

  • Full name in CAPITAL letters, position, address and telephone number of the company/firm/practice or employer
  • Actuarial Reference Number or membership number (if applicable)
  • The date the documentation has been witnessed
  • To be written on the documentation: ‘I certify this is a true copy of the original document as seen by me

Evidence of payment

If you are making payment by bank transfer, you will also be asked to upload evidence of payment of the total cost of your exemption fees.

You can find cost of applying for IFoA examination exemptions listed on our Exam fees and fees for other education services web page.

How to apply

  1. You can apply for IFoA examination exemptions using our Apply for Exemptions tool in the My account area of the IFoA website. Log in to the IFoA website and click on My Account. In the My Account area, select My Exams and then Apply for Exemptions.
  2. You will be asked to select the route which you are using to apply for your exemption (Route C). You will then be asked to select your Professional body and your qualification. This will take you to a list of exemptions that you are eligible to apply for.
  3. Once you have selected the exemptions you wish to apply for, you will be asked to make a payment. You can pay by card or by bank transfer. If you choose to pay by ban transfer you will be asked to upload evidence of the payment before you can submit you application.
  4. Once you have made you payment, you will be asked to upload the required documentation listed above (see Before you apply). Once you have uploaded the required documentation you will be asked to agree to the applicant’s declaration. When you have agreed to the applicant’s declaration you will be able to submit your application.

You will receive an email confirming that you application has been received and is being processed.

You can track the progress of your examination exemption application using the Track my Exemption tool in the Exam exemptions area in the My account area of the IFoA website.

If you completed your professional qualification with a body where the IFoA has an exemption agreement, before 31 December 2018 have until 2023 to claim those exemptions.

Apply for IFoA examination exemptions

Qualifications from other Professional Bodies Eligible Exemptions for qualifications gained by end of December 2018 Eligible Exemptions for qualifications gained from January 2019 onwards
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) CT2 and ST0 CB1 and SP0
Associateship of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales CT2 and ST0 CB1 and SP0
Chartered Financial Analyst:    
     Level I CT2 and CT7 CB1 and CB2
     Level I and II CT1, CT2, CT3 and CT7 CB1 and CB2
     Level I, II and III CT1, CT2, CT3, CT7 and CT8 CB1 and CB2
     CFA Chartered Holder/ Fellow CT1, CT2, CT3, CT7, CT8 and ST0 CB1, CB2 and SP0
Fellowship of the Chartered Insurance Institute (FCII) ST0 SP0
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants award (CIMA) CT2 and ST0 CB1 and SP0
GARP Certified Financial Risk Manager ST0 SP0
International Diploma in Risk Management, from the Institute of Risk Management ST0 SP0
Associateship of the Pensions Management Institute ST0 SP0
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland Chartered Accountant (CA) CT2 and ST0 CB1 and SP0

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