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Authorised calculators

You need to use an authorised calculator for your exams
The following are the authorised calculators for the Fellowship exams
Casio FX82 (with or without any suffix) Sharp EL531 (with or without any prefix or suffix)
Casio FX83 (with or without any suffix) Texas Instruments BA II Plus (with or without any suffix)
Casio FX85 (with or without any suffix) Texas Instruments TI-30 (with or without any suffix)
Hewlett Packard HP12c (with or without any suffix)  
Image of suffix on calculatorsThe suffix means any numbers or letters that follow the calculator's make and model

Calculator TI-30XB At the start of each exam invigilators will make an announcement about calculators, and you will then have the opportunity to hand in any "unauthorised" calculators

If you use a calculator that is not on the approved list you will receive a mark of zero. There will be no exceptions granted to this policy.

You will not receive extra time if you do not use a calculator or if your calculator breaks down during the exam. Exam supervisors will not have extra batteries or calculators.

Each year the Education Committee reviews the list of calculators

If you have any comments about the list of calculators please contact the Education Services Team who will pass them to the committee.

Any calculator that has been discontinued or removed by the committee will be highlighted and remain on the list for one year. This is to give you time to familiarise yourself with another model.

Some of the approved calculators can be bought from the eShop

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