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Online Professional Awareness Test (OPAT)

The Online Professional Awareness Test is stage 1 of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries' (IFoA's) mandatory Professional Skills Training and is designed to ensure that all new entrants to the IFoA have a good understanding of the Actuaries' Code and their obligations under it

During a 90 minute online test you will be shown some scenarios and asked questions about them, in which you need to exercise professional judgement.

This test aims to develop your ability to exercise judgement in compromising ethical situations, including those where you need to seek advice from senior colleagues.

To take the free-of-charge OPAT test: call Education Services or complete and return the application form

Who is required to take the OPAT?

If you joined as a student member on or after 1 March 2012 you will take the OPAT during the early years of your membership. You must pass OPAT before you can apply for Subject CT9 Business Awareness.

If you joined before 1 March 2012 you do not need to take the OPAT, and you can apply for Subject CT9 when you are ready.

OPAT consists of five questions, each covering one of the five core principles of the Actuaries' Code and each question will have three parts:

  • Part 1 is based directly on the wording of the Actuaries' Code. There are up to five marks available for this question
  • Part 2 describes a situation and then poses a question with three possible solutions. Not all possible practical options are included and you should pick the best from those offered. There are up to ten marks available for this question
  • Part 3 of each question will then ask an additional question, taking the original situation a stage further. This is worth up to an additional 5 marks.

Each of the answer options in parts 2 and 3 of the question has a different point score to reflect the judgement that you need to apply when thinking about the response.

You should read the Actuaries' Code before applying and should have a copy to hand while you take the test.

All members of the IFoA are required, under the Actuaries' Code, to maintain their professional competence by undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Student members have been placed in Category 5: this means that you do not need to complete any technical learning, and your CPD requirements is limited to the professional skills training shown above.

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