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Exam news and updates

We recommend that you visit this page regularly in the weeks approaching the April 2017 exams, to stay informed of any important news or updates that may affect your exam sitting

See: Exam centre changes | See: Exam start time changes | See: Amended exam schedules

The April 2017 exam session will run from Monday 17 to Friday 28 April, and exam entry is now open

Exam entry closing dates:

  • 27 February 2017 (17.00 UK time): to sit at centres overseas
  • 20 March 2017 (17.00 UK time): to sit at centres in the UK or Ireland

Latest updates

Centres in the Netherlands The Utrecht centre is NOT available on 21, 27 and 28 April. On these dates the exams will be held in Rotterdam. See the address details
Exam centre capacity Some exam centres are already full on some dates. See which these are, and how we try to help
London exam centre Due to unforeseen changes in availability it has been necessary to change our exam centre venue in London. We will therefore be holding the April 2017 exams at the Charlton Athletic Football Club, in south-east London. See full address details
Exam start times Changes to local start times at certain exam centres are now being confirmed. See below for details of these
New centres New exam centres are available in Brunei and Bulawayo. See the full list of centres

Refund policy

Refunds of exam fees are only given to those who have paid the full fee. More information on refunds

Exam centre changes and confirmations

Exam centre addresses for April 2017 are now being confirmed on the Exam centres page. You should always check the list carefully, in case there are any changes to the centre you usually sit at, and to make sure that you know where to go.

The deadline to request an additional overseas exam centre has now passed, and we cannot accept any more requests.

London exam centre Charlton Athletic Football Club, The Valley, Floyd Road, London SE7 8BL. See full address details

Access arrangements applications

The closing date for requesting access arrangements will be the same as the exam entry closing date. Download the access arrangements application form, and return this to us once completed.

Late applications will not be accepted unless due to circumstances for which a valid reason could not be divulged by the published closing date.

Exam start time changes

All exams now have 15 minutes reading time allowed.

The standard start times are 09.45 for morning exam reading time, and 14.15 for afternoon exam reading time. The exam writing time will then begin at 10.00 and 14.30.

Local start times may vary at some overseas centres, so you should check here nearer to the exam session dates for confirmation of your start time.

Please note the changes to the start times for the following centres. All times are local times at the centre.

Centre Morning exam - local start time Afternoon exam - local start time
Addis Ababa 09.00 13.00
Adelaide 09.15 13.45
Auckland 08.45 12.45
Bangkok 10.00 14.00
Barbados 09.00 13.00
Bloemfontein 09.00 13.30
Brisbane 08.15 13.15
Cape Town 09.00 13.30
Cologne 10.00 14.30
Hanoi 08.45 13.45
Ho Chi Minh City 08.45 13.45
Johannesburg 09.00 13.30
Lagos 08.45 12.45
Melbourne 09.15 14.00
Perth 09.15 13.15
Port of Spain 08.45 13.15
Riga 09.45 13.30
Seattle 09.45 13.15
Sydney 09.15 14.00
Taiwan 10.00 14.00
Utrecht 09.45 13.15
Wellington 09.15 13.45
Zurich 09.15 14.15

The April 2017 exam session will run from Monday 17 to Friday 28 April

The standard exam schedule for the session is:

  Mon 17 Tues 18 Wed 19 Thurs 20 Fri 21 Mon 24 Tues 25 Wed 26 Thurs 27 Fri 28
AM - CA1
paper 1
CT5 / ST8 ST2 ST1 SA1-6 - CT7 / ST6 CT2 ST7
PM - CT1 CA1
paper 2
CT8 / ST5 CT3 CT4 - ST9 ST4 CT6

We reserve the right to make changes to this schedule.

Any schedule changes due to public holidays or other unavoidable factors will be given below when available.

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