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As an member of the Sustainability Volunteer Group (SVG), there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with. Below is the list of current opportunities to browse. Underneath, is the form to submit your interest.

Where particular experience is noted, please only submit interest if you have this experience.

Any questions, please contact Katy Stephenson.

Please note, you must be a member of the SVG to submit interests for these roles. If you are not a member yet, please apply here.

SVG Opportunities


Last updated: 24/05/2022

Reason for the open vacancies / Experience desired

Practical guide process development

The Sustainability Board (in conjunction with other practice boards) has to date created ten practical guides that help actuaries to understand climate risk and its application to their fields – these are available on the IFoA Practical Guide Webpage. At least two further guides are planned.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the management of this series, a small working group is being formed in order to define and implement a process for the production and maintenance of these guides.

Timescale: An initial period of roughly two-three months to establish the process. Part of this process will be to establish the ongoing maintenance structure, and there will be the opportunity to become part of that.

Expected activities: Working as a small team to plan and document a proposed approach. Mostly via online discussions with other working group members plus follow up actions.

Experience sought: This task requires strong organisational and process-development skills. Experience of project planning is helpful. A range of backgrounds and perspectives is desirable.

Tell us your suggestions

If you have a particular area of interest / experience that you would like to work with the Sustainability Board on, or if you have any suggestions on areas or developments please let us know. 


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