Becoming an actuary


Become an actuary

How much do actuaries earn? What do they do day to day? How can I meet the Profession and working actuaries? This section of the website will help you answer those questions and many more.

The career is very diverse, and the different routes to qualification whether in the UK or internationally, will allow you to explore the career path in a way that suits you.

Careers material 2014/2015

Find out more about becoming an actuary through our brand new official guide to Becoming an Actuary. The brochure covers topics such as;


  • The IFoA
  • Recruitment advice
  • Case studies
  • International information
  • Qualification information


We also have our annual Directory of Actuarial Employers which will give you information on gaining placements, work experience, internships and trainee graduate schemes with actuarial employers.

Career presentations

This autumn term, the IFoA will be attending a number of career fairs and presentations. To find out where the IFoA will be see our careers events page.

International Actuarial Careers Network (IACN)

The IACN is an global network of students who belong to an online community hosted on our website. Students are able to join together to discuss industry topics, network with students and employers and find out firsthand what employers and the industry want from them. It is an opportunity to join like minded people to raise your profile within the Actuarial Profession and amongst employers to help you gain relevant industry knowledge and help you in your job search. If this sounds like something that would interest you - come and find out more.

Have you got a question?

Contact the team or one of our many Career Ambassadors for more information on the working life of an actuary.