Practice areas

Actuaries work in a number of different practice areas, predominantly: risk management, financial and investment, general insurance, health and care, life insurance and pensions.

Each of these areas is supported by a Board which oversees the development of knowledge and research within its own area, provides members with CPD opportunities and takes forward a programme of practice-specific research. The Board also foster a sense of community among actuaries practising in their particular field of expertise.

If you have an idea for an activity which you think the profession should be undertaking (perhaps a topic for research or a thread for a new discussion board) please contact the practice manager for the relevant practice area (Dawn McIntosh, Risk management,  Elvis Gannon, Finance and investment and Pensions,  Jennifer Chapin, Health and care and Life, and Kimberley Hutton, General insurance and Resource and Environment).   

  • Risk management - helping companies understand and manage risk in line with their business objectives
  • Finance and investment - for actuaries working in banking, corporate finance and investment
  • General insurance - rating products, advising on reserves and capital requirements, and similar general insurance activity
  • Health and care - a growing area in both the private and public sectors as health provision models evolve to meet changing needs
  • Life insurance - a traditional area for actuaries, with the roles evolving as life insurance itself evolves
  • Pensions - actuaries play a key role in advising companies on all manner of pension schemes and structures
  • Resource and Environment - raising awareness of the implications of resource depletion and climate change for actuaries, and to highlight those factors upon which actuarial practitioners should consider when giving advice.

End of Session Report

End of Session Reports are specifically designed to showcase the valuable work undertaken by the Boards (formerly known as Practice Executive Committees, PECs), Sub committees and other volunteers representing their different practice areas. 
Set out in these reports are just some of the key outputs and contributions made during each sessional year:-

Member-Led Research Working Parties

Research working parties link together members who have an interest in, and ability to, contribute to research on an area of interest associated with actuarial science. The research topic may be associated with a particular practice area, or may be of cross practice interest.

Member-led research working parties are driven by members, for members and will typically report into a Board or Committee.  They are an integral part of the IFoA’s strategy to deliver thought leadership activities, securing the long term sustainability of the profession. Research furthers actuarial science and aims to provide members with cutting edge knowledge that is relevant to their working lives. 

Useful Information:-