(54) British Actuarial Journal Volume 12 Part 1

picture of (54) British Actuarial Journal Volume 12 Part 1
The Faculty of Actuaries & The Institute of Actuaries
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  • How to Model Operational Risk, If You Must / P. Embrechts (Summary of the Lecture to the Faculty of Actuaries)
  • The Importance of Year of Birth in Two-Dimensional Mortality Data / S. J. Richards, J. G. Kirby and I. D. Currie
  • Is This the End of the Long Term for Pensions Actuaries? A Discussion by the Faculty of Actuaries.
  • Background Risk and Pensions / M. Cardinale, G. Katz, J. Kumar and J. M. Orszag
  • Living with Mortality: Longevity Bonds and Other Mortality-Linked Securities / D. Blake, A.J. G Cairns and K Dowd
  • The Cost of Capital for Financial Firms / C.J. Exley and A. D. Smith
  • The Recent Trend of Mortality in the United Kingdom / C. D. Daykin and A. P. Gallop