GIRO Convention papers archive

Please note that due to the original method of production of the papers, the quality of these files varies considerably. Please contact the libraries if you need a hard copy of a paper.

Please note that for all conferences listed below, the papers posted on the site represent the complete set released to us.

1974  (Norwich) 1975  (Windermere) 1976  (York) 1977  (Hythe)
1978  (Brockenhurst) 1979  (Chester) 1980  (Cambridge) 1981  (Dublin)
1982  (Stratford) 1983  (Bristol) 1984  (Bournemouth) 1985  (Cheltenham)
1986  (Windermere) 1987  (Torquay) 1988  (Harrogate) 1989  (Brighton)
1990  (Newquay) 1991  (Llandrindod Wells) 1992  (Bournemouth) 1993  (Hinckley)
1994  (Glasgow) 1995  (Bournemouth) 1996  (Stratford) 1997  (Blackpool)
1998  (Glasgow) 1999  (Brighton) 2000  (Birmingham) 2001  (Glasgow)
2002  (Paris) 2003  (Cardiff) 2004  (Killarney) 2005  (Blackpool)
2006  (Vienna) 2007  (Celtic Manor Resort) 2008  (Sorrento) 2009  (Edinburgh)
2010 (Newport)      

To search for GIRO papers of interest up to 2012, please use the library catalogue, entering "General Insurance Convention" in the Journal Title field combined with a search term in the Free Text field.

For GIRO papers from 2011 on, please use the Events 'Papers and Presentions Archive' selecting the year, then the respective GIRO Convention of that year to view those presentations released after the event.