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Pensions Conference Webinar: Public Service Pensions – Good Pensions that last

Tuesday 30 June 2020 09:00

Nearly a decade on from the ‘Hutton Report’, let’s understand the changes made, how the schemes operate, and stand back and assess the successes or otherwise of public service pension reform.


As DB schemes in the private sector are consumed by an endgame, the perpetuality of pensions for public service workers means that they almost stand alone as the last bastion of DB pension saving.

The case for long-term structural reform of public service pension schemes was clear. A reformed pension system would need to be good quality, sustainable and fair. Fundamental changes were made such as futureproofing the retirement age, introducing career average and a mechanism to control costs. But will the last round of reform last for a generation? Or have we barely scraped through a five-year guarantee?

The session will cover how the schemes operate, the approach to funding and costing, and consider the latest updates of the changes made.   


Dale Walmsley, First Actuarial LLP

Stephen Humphrey, Government Actuary’s Department

Event organiser

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0207 632 1498

The webinar will take place 30 June, 09:00-10:00am BST




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