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Personal and Professional Lifelong Learning – Supporting CPD Co-ordinators and Others

Wednesday 23 September 2020 09:00 - 10:30

This free 90 minute webinar is designed to support the IFoA CPD Co-ordinators, and others, involved in supporting our members to achieve their CPD requirements. 

The programme will include an overview of the new CPD Scheme; specifically sharing with you key messages to support you implement and embrace the new CPD Scheme for our members within your organisation and regional community; how to arrange a reflective practice discussion; and an interactive reflective practice discussion learning exercise.  In addition, delegates will gain information about accessing, and making the most of the IFoA event Toolkits which you can make use of to run your own in-house events and events for regional communities. 

Your questions:  To ensure we can answer as many of your questions as possible, we encourage you to submit questions in advance to

Event organiser

Contact Events Team for more information.

0207 632 1498

The new look CPD Scheme:  The CPD year under the new Scheme will start on 1 September and run to 31 August 2021, aligning closer with the subscription renewal date.  This is an exciting development which has come about following extensive consultation and review and has been shaped by the feedback from members of the IFoA.

This presentation will include:

  • An overview of the new CPD Scheme, how it works, and where you can find out more
  • Key messages to support you implement and embrace the new CPD Scheme for our members within your organisation and regional community
  • How to arrange a reflective practice discussion.
Learning exercise: a reflective practice discussion

Professional Skills Training (PST):  The IFoA produces online content to assist members in meeting their PST Stage 3 requirements.  This includes video case studies, vignettes, and a PST Training Toolkit: enabling employers to deliver their own in-house PST events.

With Covid-19 restrictions in mind, this presentation will provide an update on:

  • How we are approaching the introduction of new PST Stage 3 material for 2020/2021
  • How and where you can access and make use of existing content

What the changes to the PST Stages 1 and 2 mean for members.

Reflection: answering your questions

New Workshop Guides:  Produced by the IFoA Policy and Public Affairs team, with support from CPD Co-ordinators, these new guides are relevant to actuaries around the world and cover IFoA thought leadership projects.  The first looks at how actuaries can contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while the second guide covers the Great Risk Transfer, which looks at risk transfer from institutions to individuals.

This presentation will include:

  • How to access and use these guides to run a 60 – 90 minute event which will provide members with the opportunity for personal and professional lifelong learning, spark discussion, and give members a way to feed their views and expertise into the IFoA’s work.





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