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PHC Conference webinar: Gene Modification

Thursday 6 August 2020 10:00 - 11:00

Part of the Protection, Health and Care Conference 2020 webinar series

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Gen Re Life/Health Research and Development, Dr John O'Brien, will discuss the impacts of Gene Modification for life/health insurance. 

Affordable gene sequencing and initiatives such as the 100 000 genome project, have provided information on genetic links to many diseases. Precise gene abnormalities for previously described genetic diseases can now be identified. This identification can facilitate avoidance of these conditions by pre-implantation diagnosis. The next step is to see how these genes can be manipulated to correct the abnormalities. Exciting techniques such as CRISPR and viral vectors show promise in treating some serious and devastating diseases. The ability to change genes does however predictably pose ethical dilemmas

Speaker: Dr John O’Brien, Gen Re

Dr. John O'Brien is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Gen Re Life/Health Research and Development, based in the UK. Before joining Gen Re as CMO, he worked as consultant for Gen Re in Cape Town while running a pulmonology practice and clinical trial centre. Dr. O'Brien is a past president of the South African Thoracic Society and served on the editorial committees for the South African Thoracic Society guidelines for asthma and COPD. He has been a clinical investigator in more than 70 clinical trials in asthma and COPD.

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