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Thursday 12 October 2017 15:00 - 16:15

This is a joint webinar with the American Academy of Actuaries to discuss the results of our survey, which focuses on retirement readiness in America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The Retirement Readiness Report looks at how prepared citizens in all three countries are for retirement. The report considers expectations for retirement, preparations to retire and mitigation of retirement risks.

The webinar will take place at 15.00 BST for those viewers in the UK and 10.00 EST for those in the US. 

In countries where employer-sponsored retirement plans are an essential part of the national retirement system, and where they have shifted from a defined benefit (DB) to a defined contribution (DC) arrangements, there has been a significant transfer of retirement risk from the employer to the employee. Longevity risk is most likely one of the risks that has been assumed, perhaps unknowingly, by employees. Three actuarial associations (the Australian Actuaries Institute, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the United Kingdom, and the American Academy of Actuaries) determined that longevity risk was a major issue in each of their countries and prepared a White Paper, The Challenge of Longevity Risk, to alert the public and policymakers to our concerns.

This report summaries the results of a survey that we commissioned to investigate adequacy, the first of the five principles we identified in our report that are necessary to address longevity risk. 

The IFoA’s Policy team will be joined by Ted Goldman and Ken Hohman from the US.

  • Ken Hohman is a consulting actuary in the Louisville, KY office of Findley Davies|BPS&M. He is a past president of the American Academy of Actuaries and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, and currently serves as the International Secretary for the Academy.
  • Ted Goldman is the senior pension fellow for the American Academy of Actuaries in Washington, DC. As senior pension fellow, he helps shape and communicate the Academy’s work on pension, Social Security, and other retirement security issues to the public and policymakers.

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The webinar will take place 15.00 - 16.15 (BST) for those joining from the UK or 10.00 - 11.15 EST for those in the US.



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