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Sessional: Impact of E-cigarettes Working Party

Monday 24 February 2020 17:30 - 19:30

This sessional meeting will be of direct interest to actuaries and others working in the in the Health and Care, Life or Pensions sectors or indeed actuaries with an interest in morbidity or mortality. Note: Registration is from 17.30 in time for the sessional to begin at 18.00.

Event paper access code - C8F6256C

There are 3 million UK e-cigarette users.  While there has been some suggestion, most notably by Public Health England, that e-cigarettes are ‘95% safer’ than traditional cigarettes, their true long-term effect on health is unknown. Add to this the unknown impact on quit rates as well as the confused public perception over e-cigarette risk, and the insurance industry is left with an interesting conundrum from a modelling and pricing perspective. Should e-cigarette users receive cheaper premiums for Life & Health Protection?

To date, published research has been small and short-term, focusing on short-term health, or looking solely at the output of e-cigarettes vs traditional cigarettes rather than the true relative risk.  While informative, they do not truly demonstrate the long-term impact on risk.

The IFoA e-cigarettes working party has investigated these topics & will publish our findings in a paper in Feb 2020.

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17.30 – 18.00 Registration and refreshments
18.00 – 18.10

Chair’s welcome

Nicholas Chadha FFA, Buck

18.10 – 18.55


Niel Daniels

Helen Morris, Aegon

Christina Cosma, BIMA 

18.55 – 19.20 Q&A
19.20 – 19.30 Close




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