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Winter Thought Leadership Lecture with Vicky Pryce

Wednesday 3 February 2021 17:00 - 18:30

What are the options for the world economy looking ahead?

In this Thought Leadership Lecture, Economist, Vicky Pryce, will be discussing world economic trends, including the differences in geographical performance and how output is recovering and where.

She will also look at how to deal with high debt and the attitude of international organisations such as the IMF and the World Bank, discuss whether ultra-low interest rates are here to stay, and the huge injection of liquidity and how to unwind it. Throughout her lecture, Vicky will look at key questions impacting the sector, and aim to answer them, such as:

  • Can the high unemployment rate as a result of the crisis be easily reversed?
  • Will countries and their authorities manage to rise to the challenge of reskilling required?
  • What chances will new industries, such as green to tackle climate change, digital tech, and health, offer to fill the labour and skills gap?
  • What next for globalisation; what are the prospect of on-shoring supply chains and may the world tax system evolve?

The analysis will inevitably touch also on comparison with the UK and the dual impact of Covid-19 and Brexit.

Speaker: Vicky Pryce

Event organiser

Contact Niki Park for more information.

020 7632 2152

Introduction from the IFoA Presidential Team

17:00 – 17:10

Lecture from Vicky Pryce

17:10 – 17:55


17:55 – 18:25

Closing remarks from the IFoA Presidential Team

18:25 – 18:30