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CAA Certified members qualifying as an Associate or Fellow - Work experience requirements

Individuals who join the IFoA having obtained the CAA qualification can continue their studies to Associate or Fellow of the IFoA. Along with the assessment requirements, these individuals are required to demonstrate their relevant work experience by completing PPD (personal and professional development).

The PPD requirement for CAA certified members is less than the requirement for IFoA students as CAA certified members have to complete a higher level of IFoA CPD (continuous professional development).

For CAA Certified members who are not looking to qualify as an Associate or Fellow, there is no annual PPD requirement. 

PPD requirements for CAA certified members are as follows:

Joiner Date

Desired qualification level

Minimum work experience required Minimum competencies required* Minimum number of formal learning hours
Prior 2 January 2019 Associate 12 Months

1.1, 2.1

Fellow 36 Months

1.1, 2.1

Post 2 January 2019 Associate 24 Months 1.1, 2.1 0
Fellow 36 Months 1.1, 2.1 0
Members who join after 2 January 2019 need to achieve Associate status first, and then progress to Fellowship after a further 12 months of PPD recording.

*Competencies 1.1 and 2.1 only need to be completed once before qualification, they do not need to be completed every year.

Complete the final sign off form

When Members are ready to transfer to either Associate or Fellow they should complete and send to us the below final sign off form to confirm they have completed all work experience requirements.

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