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PPD for 2019 joiners

If you joined the IFoA after the 2 January 2019, you are required to obtain the Associateship qualification before you can progress to Fellow.

To gain Associateship you will need to complete the core principles and core practical examinations and a minimum of 24 months of PPD obtaining a minimum of 15 credits overall plus 2 formal learning hours per year. Once you have become an Associate and you wish to continue to Fellowship you will be able to continue your studies by completing the specialist examinations and a further 1 year of PPD.

Please see the table below for full details on how much PPD you will need.

PPD for joiners after 2019 Minimum number of months PPD required Number of credits required Minimum credits per year Hours of formal learning activity per year and total
Associate 24 15 3 2 hours
Fellow 36 (12 additional) 20 (5 additional) 3 2 hours

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