The General Insurance Research Organising (GIRO) Committee develops and builds on the strong research output carried out in the general insurance practice area

The GIRO Committee has key objectives for Session 2017/18 which focus on the following key themes:

  • Develop, deliver and communicate the results of key research to inform members of ongoing research into market developments including trends in third party UK motor claims and periodical payment orders
  • Plan and develop the annual residential general insurance (GIRO) conference including determining the theme and appropriate content of the conference.

Membership is drawn from a broad cross-section of the general insurance community to ensure full development of all general insurance research opportunities

Membership of GIRO Committee 2017/18:

  • Sameer Keshani (Chair)
  • Christian Bird
  • Sonal Shah (IFoA Education Actuary)
  • Doug Lacoss
  • Joseph Lo
  • Peter Moore
  • Paul Moorshead
  • Steven Fisher
  • Chloe Paillot
  • Edward Toman
  • Ashley Chalk

The General Insurance Research Organising (GIRO) Committee operates within a Terms of Reference and supports the IFoA's Council in the delivery of it's corporate strategy.

How to join the General Insurance Research Organising Committee (GIRO)

All volunteer opportunities arising for the Board and its sub-committees are advertised on our volunteer vacancies web page.  Further information for volunteers, including tips on how to chair a meeting, can be found in the Volunteer Information Pack (VIP).

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