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Our brand

Our vision is for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) to serve the public by ensuring that where there is uncertainty of future outcomes, actuaries are trusted and sought after for their valued analysis and authority

We will achieve this by fulfilling the objectives where our mission states ‘The objects of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries shall be, in the public interest, to advance all matters relevant to actuarial science and its application and to regulate and promote the actuarial profession.’

The IFoA’s new brand, launched April 2013, represents the essence of who we are and what we do as a professional body

Our brand may be summed up as ‘classic with a modern twist’. In developing our new logo, we strived to retain the esteemed heritage of the IFoA. This is represented by the simplified version of the profession’s armorial bearings, coupled with the body name in a modern ‘Gotham’ font.

Our values are the essence of our culture and go to the heart of our brand. They are a statement of what our organisation stands for and underpin how we deliver our strategy

Our values are:


  • We are: Building relationships and communities by listening and giving people a clear voice
  • By being:
    • inclusive
    • accessible, and
    • collaborative.


  • We are: Doing the right thing for the organisation, our members, the profession and the public interest
  • By being:
    • Honest
    • Accountable, and
    • Professional.


  • We are: Developing the future of the profession together
  • By being:
    • Relevant
    • Supportive, and
    • Purposeful.

Contact Details

James Harrigan, IFoA Corporate Secretary

I will try to respond to email queries within five working days.