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Presidents’ awards

The President's Award was set up in 1999 and is given to members of the profession who have, in the opinion of the President, made a particular and special contribution to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

There is no limit to the number of awards that may be made by each President and in some years, there may be none.

President's Awards Recipients 2021

Members of Actuaries For Transformational Change (ATC)

Nico Aspinall Oliver Bettis Neil Cantle
Ashok Gupta Louise Pryor Lucy Saye
Nick Silver Nick Spencer Martin White

Members of the Covid-19 Action Response Group (ARG)

Adrian Baskir Matthew Edwards Matthew Fletcher
Andrew Gaches Adele Groyer Stephen Kramer
Joseph Lu Stuart McDonald Nicola Oliver
Adrian Pinington John Roberts Josephine Robertson
Louis Rossouw Dan Ryan Gordon Woo

Individual recipients

Charles Cowling Colin Dutkiewicz Matthew Edwards
Matthew Fletcher Jo Jones Patrick Poon
Andrew Smith Nico Aspinall Gillian Stamp
Stuart McDonald    

The Alan Watson Award 2021

Sam Achord

President's Awards Recipients 2020

Catherine Burtle

Patrina Effer

Jackie Jackson

Craig Ritchie

Grahame Stott

Colin Thores

The Alan Watson Award 2020

Michael Tripp

President's Awards Recipients 2019

Ronnie Bowie
Alan Watson
Malcolm Slee
Henry Thompson
Michael Williams
Hazel Cunningham

President's Awards Recipients 2018

Chantal Bray
Hilary Salt
James Olubayi and Council Members of The Actuarial Society of Kenya
Yeside Kazeem and Council Members of Nigeria Actuarial Society
Shafique Bhunnoo and Council Members of Mauritius Actuarial Society
Ashleigh Thophanides
Kayleigh Toma
Anna Clarke
Alain Ngono
Thabo Dloti
Petro Viljoen

President's Awards Recipients 2017

Deborah Cooper
Wen LI
Caryn Chua

President's Awards Recipients 2016

Jan Rydell
Aaron Punwani
Josephine Robertson
Nicholas Silver
James Robinson 
Madhurs Maheshwari

Presidents' Awards Recipients 2015

Derek Cribb and the Executive Staff at the IFoA

Presidents' Awards Recipients 2014

Caroline Hare
Iain Hare
Martin Potter
Wen Li

Presidents' Awards Recipients 2013

Barbara Beebee FCIS MCIPR

Presidents' Awards Recipients 2012

Huw M Evans BA FFA

David B Martin BSc FFA FPMI

Sir Philip JC Mawer MA

Fiona J Morrison MA FIA

Presidents' Awards Recipients 2011

lan W Botterill BSc FFA

Sally Bridgeland BSc FIA

Robert Tudor Gray Hails MA MSc FIA

Presidents' Awards Recipients prior to 2011


Andrew John Michael Chamberlain MA FIA - Institute President's Award


Jane Elizabeth Mary Curtis BSc FIA - Institute President's Award


Sally Louise Dixon MA FIA - Institute President's Award


Caroline Instance - Institute President's Award


Katharina Petricia Low BA FFA - Institute President's Award


Keith Alexander Miller BSc FFA - Institute President's Award


Brian James Murray BSc FFA - Institute President's Award


Freya Rodger - Institute President's Award


Peter David Gordon Tompkins MA FPMI FRSA FIA - Institute President's Award


Alan Hugh Watson MSc FFA - Institute President's Award


Peter William Wright BA FIA ACII - Institute President's Award


Brian James Murray BSc - Faculty President's Award


Andrew Gordon Sharp MA - Faculty President's Award


2006 Ashok Gupta - Institute President's Award


2006 Mervyn Bryn-Jones - Institute President’s Award


Simon Avram Carne Ma & David John Paterson Hare BSc PhD - Faculty President's Award


Richard Davidson Muckart BSc - Faculty President's Award


Brian Philip Ridsdale BSc MBCS CEng - Faculty President's Award


Simon Avram Carne MA FIA - Institute President's Award


Wendy Bridget Cogger - Institute President's Award


Jane Butler MA - Institute President's Award


Desmond John Le Grys FIA - Institute President's Award


Peter William Parker TD MA FIA (BAJ 8, 843, 845) - Institute President's Award


David Bernard Martin BSc FPMI - Faculty President's Award


Michael Alan Pomery MA FIA (BAJ 7, 705) - Institute Presidents' Award


Howard J Bolnick FSA MAAA HonFIA - Institute President's Award


Elisabeth Mary Goodwin MSc PhD - Institute President's Award


Thomas Mackenzie Ross OBE BSc FFA FCIA ASA (BAJ 6, 641, 643) - Institute President's Award


Roy Edgar Brimblecombe CBE FIA FPMI - Institute President's Award


Roger David Corley CBE BSc FIA FRSA AIIMR - Institute President's Award



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    Over recent months there has been a sharp rise in M&A activity involving British businesses, with interest from overseas, domestic buyers and Private Equity investors.  

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    Frank Redington is recognised as one of the most influential actuaries of all time. In this talk, Craig will review some of Redington's most important ideas. He will identify the consistent actuarial principles that form a common thread across the contributions Redington made to a broad range of actuarial fields, and will highlight the ongoing relevance of Redington's thinking to 21st century actuarial practice.

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    The IFoA Mental Health working party look back over their week of blogs and podcasts considering all aspects of the relationship between mental health and life insurance. The expert panel spans adviser, underwriter and actuarial experience and they  explore triggers for purchasing insurance relating to mental health, the various routes to insurance and how these may be more suited to different people depending on their conditions and preferences, the products and processes involved in purchasing these as well as what claims and support are available to policyholders and how to access them.

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    Part of the 'Finance in the Public Interest 2022' webinar series. If it was ever okay to consider your business in isolation from its surroundings, today it most definitely is not. Thinking about business within its surrounding system is now a necessity. The question we seek to discuss is: How should we prescribe the boundaries in which we consider problems to enable us to create better products and more resilient companies and systems?

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    What will happen to DC pension savers who see life annuities as poor VFM but still want an income for life?  Pooled annuity funds could offer them a decent lifetime income while reducing significantly the complex choices and risk inherent in income drawdown.  They could be the next generation of CDC pension schemes, slotting into the existing DC framework as a post-retirement option.