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We here at the IFoA exist to promote the actuarial profession and support our members throughout their journey to become an actuarial professional.

The work we do in the careers department helps those specifically at the beginning of their journey, when they are making decisions about their career path – whether it’s getting a job straight from school, or after university, gaining work experience or an internship or helping those looking for a job outside of their home country. 

We create material annually to help students to make decisions and we publicise that information through our careers guides, our website, an app that we are developing this year and social media. 

We also develop  two directories each year to promote the vacancies that you offer to school leavers or those leaving university.   

You can see the huge reach our web pages get and also the reach we receive for content on social media. We also attend around 100 events a year at universities and schools where this collateral is available. 

Our website –

  • Web pages – reaching 201,769 unique users in 2017 for “Become an actuary” section
  • Web pages – reaching 7,407 unique users in 2017 for “Obtaining an actuarial position”
  • Web pages – reaching 12,891 unique users in 2017 for “Actuarial apprenticeships”

Social media promotion

  • Via Facebook (24,181 total page likes)
  • Via Twitter @actuarynews – 8,041 followers
  • Via Linkedin – 5,716 followers

For more information on our Directory of Employers and Actuarial Apprenticeships guide, please download our media pack.