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Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya (ASSK)

The Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya is an umbrella body for student actuaries and BSc Actuarial Science students in Kenya.

Founded in 2013, it has 22 member universities.

The main objectives of the society include:

  • co-ordinating member activities
  • creating awareness of the actuarial profession amongst both students and the public
  • upholding professionalism amongst actuarial students
  • bridging the gap between students and the industry through social and professional events
  • creating a link between industry and student actuaries.

The Society hosts various events which help it to achieve its objectives

These events are both social and professional and include:

  • the annual Product Design and Modelling Competition, which is usually held in June.  Students develop and model actuarial products with respect to the given theme.  They are then judged by a panel of Fellows and prizes are awarded
  • the annual ASSK cocktail evening, usually held in late October.  This is a social event whereby student actuaries network with Fellows
  • professional forums whereby specialists in a given area give a talk on a topic
  • leadership training for our officials and campus representatives to guide them on how to lead their campus associations.

To find out more or to join ASSK, please contact us through, through our website or through the social media links below.

Who's who in the Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya

Committee members

Abraham Kemei, Chairperson

He is a fourth year student at Karatina University pursuing Bachelor`s Degree in Actuarial Science and currently serving in ASSK as the Chairperson having previously served as Deputy Organizing Secretary.

His passion for leadership started way back in first year and currently has an extensive experience in leadership. Moreover, he has prowess in actuarial research, product designing and packaging, data analytics just to mention a few. Among the many research and products that he has done, is the 2017 best product named “No Claim Discount Model For Micro Health” in the National Product Designing Competition, an event that is annually adjudicated by qualified actuaries, insurance professionals and seasoned academicians in the actuarial fields. 

He is so passionate in doing volunteer activities as evident in his leadership life and most importantly in solving problems in the dynamic world.

He is a finalist student at Karatina University pursuing Bachelor`s Degree in Actuarial Science and currently serving in ASSK. He is also an active member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK) and also works very closely with executives from actuarial student bodies and societies in Tanzania and Uganda.

Laura Indimuli, Vice Chairperson

"Everything has a season, I believe I have been given an opportunity to not only serve actuarial student in Kenya but to inspire them to live to their full potential.

I am a fourth year student at Kisii university. I served as an editor and Vice chairperson in the Actuarial Student Society (TASS) of Kisii University which drove me and gave me zeal and passion to want to serve in the national level. I am also the chairlady of Eagle Ladies a program that mentors and empowers young ladies in universities.

I am a hardworking and self-motivated person and my main aim in ASSK is to champion for it to be recognized by not only every actuarial student but cooperates as a body that nurtures professionalism."

Loice Moraa, Secretary General

"Leaders should lead by example, not because it is the best way to lead, but because it is the only way to lead is what I live by as I serve in the position of a Secretary General in ASSK executive council."

Loice is a third year student at the Mount Kenya University studying B.Sc. Actuarial Science where she also serves in the student leadership as a student delegate and the chairperson for the Actuarial Students’ Association in the university.

She is an Aiducation International alumna, an organization that sponsors bright but needy students in Kenyan high-schools and in collaboration with Swiss-Reinsurance company provide mentorship, leadership skills, corporate career behaviours and start up academies to their alumnus in form of academies and has participated in several of their academies.

"I am passionate about ASSK’s activities as it is a reflection of my future career, and I am certain that my dream to enlighten students about this profession shall be fulfilled in this platform and that by the end of our term as leaders, several other leaders will follow our reputable legacy, God willing."

Achary Felix, Deputy Secretary General

‘What you do has far greater impact than what you say’. 

"It’s this quote that keep me moving while delegating my duties. ASSK acts as a better platform to exercise my servant leadership skill. I am a first year pursuing Bachelor of Science Degree in Actuarial science with Information Technology at Maseno University.

 A class rep, a member of TASSMU (The Actuarial Students Society of Maseno University). I also served as Delegate in the concluded SOMU (Students Society of Maseno University) elections representing the Department of Actuarial Science.

My plan for ASSK:

Being a young member of ASSK, I wish to champion for active and vivacious membership and participation by member societies for a later day active and productive ASSK.".

Caspar Akali, Treasurer

Caspar Akali is a third year Actuarial Science Student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). He is currently the chairperson JKUAT Actuarial Students Association (JKUASA), member of the Rotaract Club of JKUAT and Congressman representing the School of Mathematical Sciences in JKUAT Students Union. He was nominated to the ASSK executive on a position of the Treasurer.

"My passion for leadership was born once I joined campus and realized that there existed a huge gap between academia and world of work which no one was making an effort to bridge. I developed a burning desire to see change within our university and the best avenue to advance this agenda was through student associations. We’ve done innovation challenges, advanced excel trainings, open forums, career talks which have made us more exposed and taught us that keeping an open mind is key.

As I serve the Actuarial Students Society of Kenya as the Treasurer, I look forward to advancing my agenda and creating an impact to each individual student by making them aware of the infinite opportunities that exists for us young minds but only if we are prepared to take them up. With dedication and hard work, we shall succeed. I am a believer!"

John Kamau, Vice Treasurer

"Special and unique abilities have been imparted in each person so as to properly offer unique solutions." 

Serving in ASSK is what John love most because of his interest in taking part in the development and growth of actuarial science in Kenya as a profession and also his interest in learning from members and the associates so as to offer solutions and answers to many questions about actuarial science, financial and risk management.

He is also serving as the treasurer of DEKUASA CLUB in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. His whole interest in ASSK is to corporate with all the other members and offering ideas that will take actuarial science to greater heights and expand the market of the profession.

Maxwell Bolton Odera, Organising Secretary

"Commitment and consistency in our daily life equalize man`s greatest achievements. All these in total build an empire within which man`s life is complete."

Maxwell is a student at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science. He is the treasurer of university actuarial association. His determination is to ensure that ASSK moves forward through a better organization and coordination of all the internal and external activities for smooth running of the society`s agenda and vision.

Peter Gatitu Warui, Deputy Organising Secretary

He is a fourth year student at the multimedia university of Kenya taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science.

Currently serving in the ASSK Executive Council as the Deputy Organizing Secretary and the Chairperson of the multimedia university of Kenya actuarial students’ association. An active member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK). Previously served as the campus representative and also the organizing secretary, coming up with events and organizing them is my favourite task.

"My past experience has served to be a learning opportunity and bettered my commitment towards team work and working together to achieve the goals of the society in line with our strategic plan and objectives of reaching out to our members.

Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to higher standards, the building of personality beyond its normal limitations”

Ajay Ann Gichure, Corporate Affairs Secretary

She is a student at University of Nairobi serving as the Chairperson of Nairobi Actuarial Students Association (NASA) and previously was the ASSK Campus Representative. Her duty is to establish and maintain corporate links for the society by professionally branding it.

Geoffrey Musyoka, Students Liaison Officer

"The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity but to elicit it for the greatness that is already there. As I serve in this post I am much aware that my task is not about control and implementation but coaching and mentoring the people working under me. This post gives me yet another opportunity to serve humanity-my hobby.

The vast leadership experience I have ever gained while serving the chairperson of Karatina University Actuarial Students Association and also as the Liturgical Coordinator of the St. Jude Catholic Chaplaincy. Karatina University will go a long way in helping organize successful ASSK events.

I plan to keep actuarial science students updated in any decision made by the executive and also present students grievances to the same executive. This will be made possible through the use of campus representatives. It’s my hope that this ASSK executive will be ranked among the best perfuming executives in the history of ASSK. May God help us during our tenure of service."

John Simba, Editor-in-Chief

Simba is a versatile individual much into real estate investment and data science. He is a second year student in Meru University of Science and Technology pursuing B.Sc. Actuarial Science. He is serving as the Secretary of Movement of Actuarial Students of Meru University (MASMU). Moreover, an active member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK).

He usually looks forward to inspire and motivate teamwork towards goal actualization. Currently he is serving as the chief editor of ASSK. He has passion in mentoring others to greatness.

"My plan for ASSK:

I look forward to working on the social media, website and other platforms to ensure that ASSK has achieved its vision of being recognized as a world class student society in modelling prospective actuaries and also achieve its objective of creating awareness."

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