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Volunteering for the IFoA

Working in partnership with the Executive staff, volunteers use their skills and experience to support, run, regulate and enhance our membership body, and use their intellectual expertise to advance our research and thought leadership. Please consider joining them and being actively involved in your profession

View our volunteer vacancies to see if one of our current opportunities might be of interest to you

Volunteering for the IFoA means different things to different individuals.  Some volunteer quietly while others have a more public facing role: both are impactful.  All members of the IFoA benefit from the time given by their peers, both past and present, who volunteer to help us achieve our strategic objectives.

Our vision is for each volunteer to feel that they:

  • are valued
  • make a difference
  • advance actuarial understanding
  • feel supported
  • enjoy the engagement
  • have a clear idea of their remit
  • work in partnership with our staff in a collaborative and mutually inclusive way .

Delivery of this vision will ensure that we maintain a sustainable resource for the future and one which is targeted on helping the IFoA deliver on our annual Corporate Plan.

The following information will help you to find out how and why you can get involved in volunteering for the IFoA.  Alternatively, you can contact Debbie Atkins to discuss opportunities

Contact Details

If you have enquiries about volunteering please contact Debbie Atkins, Head of Engagement:

Debbie will respond to your email within three working days and often sooner.