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The 400 Club

The 400 Club is an Institute and Faculty of Actuaries' (IFoA's) initiative. It is an online feedback group for members of the IFoA who volunteer to help us track progress against our strategic objectives and future plans

400 club logoThe 400 Club is a cross-section of students and qualified members that represents the entire membership body.

One of the key elements of our strategy is ‘to offer excellent support that meets members’ varied and evolving needs’

As part of this drive for excellence, the 400 Club was established in December 2011 to help us track our progress. The IFoA Directors, Council and Management Board value this feedback which is shared with all members through the Feedback Reports.

How it operates

400 Club members receive an online survey up to six times a year seeking their views on issues relevant to the profession and its membership

The commitment is not onerous. Volunteers in the 400 Club have between two and three weeks to complete each online survey and to share their views. One member of the 400 Club, says,

The IFoA has taken a genuine interest in the 400 Club and it has been a real pleasure seeing our opinions implemented in practice. It is a great opportunity to help shape the way the IFoA interacts with members and I would encourage any of my fellow members to take part.

We are actively seeking members of the IFoA to volunteer to join our 400 Club

We require a wide representation of the membership and to allow members to have their say, we refresh the membership of the Club each year.

To volunteer to join the 400 Club, please contact Debbie Atkins or visit the volunteer vacancies page .

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Contact Details

If you have enquiries about volunteering please contact Debbie Atkins, Head of Engagement:

Debbie will respond to your email within three working days and often sooner.