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Call for speakers

Would you like to share your expertise or research with your peers and colleagues by speaking at an Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) conference or event?

Speaking at our events and conferences provides an opportunity to share your expertise and contribute to the development of actuarial science. By speaking you will provide CPD opportunities for IFoA members. As a speaker you will also enjoy networking opportunities and additional benefits.

We deliver a wide variety of events throughout the year for which we select speakers

Alongside our six residential conferences we hold business skills seminars (masterclasses), sessional meetings, networking events, and one day seminars/workshops. We welcome proposals from members and non-members on technical and business skill subjects.

How to submit your proposal to speak at a conference or event or suggest a topic for a presentation

We issue calls for speakers for our conferences and events throughout the year. As part of your submission we request the following:

  • 75 word summary which must include an outline of the technical level of knowledge required to understand the topic and the practice area(s)/theme that the topic falls within
  • format of your session i.e. presentation, debate, panel session, round table discussion
  • company and contact details (of all speakers involved).

If you want to nominate a speaker or topic, but do not want speak yourself, we are also keen to hear from you.

Please note that by submitting an application you are agreeing to allow your name and contact details to be passed onto the organisation committee who may contact you regarding your submission.

We can be contacted on the below details for any additional information 

If you want to respond to our call for speakers please take a look at the current list below:


Capital Modelling Seminar 2017, 17 January, London 

This seminar is aimed primarily at actuaries involved in capital modelling and risk.  

We are looking for dynamic speakers to lead challenging plenary sessions with a practical or business focus to a wider audience, or workshop sessions for a more specific audience. To provide an opportunity to engage with the current issues faced within the world of capital modelling.  Talks are welcome on any technical, commercial or soft skills topics.

If you are interested in talking but aren't sure what topic to pick some potential ideas are listed below:

  • Risk emergence factors
  • Distributions (Reserve risk, Op risk)
  • Upside risk
  • Modelling silent cyber
  • Validation - The impact of deciding what is op risk and what is not ,how could that affect the usefulness of benchmarks and how to consider it when back testing
  • Technology changes and their impacts on modelling - how have instech changes affected how we model, model structures and parameters
  • Model outputs and optimising them for business use
  • Professionalism 

All submissions will be considered independently by the GI ECPD Committee.

The deadline for submission is 27th October.

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