Final values of mortality rates for the "00" series assured lives mortality tables for assured lives, annuitants, and pensioners
AMC00 Permanent Assurances, males, combined
AMS00 Permanent Assurances, males, smokers
AMN00 Permanent Assurances, males, non-smokers
AFC00 Permanent Assurances, females, combined
AFS00 Permanent Assurances, females, smokers
AFN00 Permanent Assurances, females, non-smokers
TMC00 Temporary Assurances, males, combined
TMS00 Temporary Assurances, males, smokers
TMN00 Temporary Assurances, males, non-smokers
TFC00 Temporary Assurances, females, combined
TFS00 Temporary Assurances, females, smokers
TFN00 Temporary Assurances, females, non-smokers

Final values of mortality rates for the "00" series annuitant and pensioner mortality tables

IML00 Immediate Annuitants, males, lives
IFL00 Immediate Annuitants, females, lives
PNML00 Pensioners, males, Normal, lives
PNMA00 Pensioners, males, Normal, amounts
PEML00 Pensioners, males, Early, lives
PEMA00 Pensioners, males, Early, amounts
PCML00 Pensioners, males, Combined, lives
PCMA00 Pensioners, males, Combined, amounts
PNFL00 Pensioners, females, Normal, lives
PNFA00 Pensioners, females, Normal, amounts
PEFL00 Pensioners, females, Early, lives
PEFA00 Pensioners, females, Early, amounts
PCFL00 Pensioners, females, Combined, lives
PCFA00 Pensioners, females, Combined, amounts
WL00 Widows, lives
WA00 Widows, amounts
RMD00 Retirement Annuitants, males, deferred
RMV00 Retirement Annuitants, males, vested
RMC00 Retirement Annuitants, males, combined
RFD00 Retirement Annuitants, females, deferred
RFV00 Retirement Annuitants, females, vested
RFC00 Retirement Annuitants, females, combined
PPMD00 Personal Pensioners, males, deferred
PPMV00 Personal Pensioners, males, vested
PPMC00 Personal Pensioners, males, combined
PPFD00 Personal Pensioners, females, deferred
PPFV00 Personal Pensioners, females, vested
PPFC00 Personal Pensioners, females, combined

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