Working Paper 89: Proposed “08” Series accelerated critical illness tables

CMI Working Paper 89 describes the proposed “08” Series accelerated critical illness tables based on experience under Term assurances in 2007-2010, for consultation. The paper provides an overview of the dataset, describes the methodology used to produce the tables, sets out accompanying analyses and describes the proposed approach to extending the tables to younger and older ages.  A revised version of the paper was issued in October 2016 with changes to the commentary in Section 5 and other minor revisions; none of the rates or results in the original paper was affected.

An Executive Summary has been produced for Working Paper 89 and is contained in a separate document. This provides a brief synopsis of the working paper and is publically available.

(The proposed “08” Series accelerated critical illness tables are issued for consultation; feedback is requested on these tables, and the term mortality tables, issued alongside Working Paper 92 by 30 November 2016. The Committee is hosting a discussion forum in London in the afternoon of Friday October 28 at which we will provide an overview of the key points of both sets of proposed tables with time for questions and discussion.  Further details are available on the events calendar.

There are a number of Excel spreadsheets issued alongside this paper:

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