1999-2002 critical illness experience: Feedback on Working paper 14 and future work

CMI Working Paper 18 provides an update on the progress of the CMI’s critical illness investigation

The paper includes:

  • the feedback received to CMI Working Paper 14 and the Committee’s response to this feedback;
  • why the Committee decided that it is inappropriate to graduate the 1999-2002 data at this time and initial thoughts on when it may be possible to produce a graduated table;
  • the further work that the Committee is undertaking on the 1999-2002 dataset; and
  • the Committee’s initial thoughts on how it will treat claim delays in the analysis of data for 2003 and subsequent years.

The CMI Critical Illness Committee is making available the 1999-2002 critical illness data to member offices, by request, to allow them to undertake their own analyses and explore other methodologies. 

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